Welcome to the website of mindeartheart.org. Mindeartheart, Inc was a for-profit corporation, chartered in New York City to provide production and IT services for a variety of clients, both corporate and non-profit. Mindeartheart, Inc. closed its corporate doors on Dec. 31, 2009, but will continue operations from its new location in Rhode Island as reorganized entity. Our interests include web design & support, music and concert production (including audio production, performance and promotion), product sales and distribution, and corporate information services. Being privately held, and with a very low overhead, where possible, profits are re-directed to support certain artistic projects.

This website is the virtual gallery of some of these projects and the people who create them.

For more information about this corporation, please contact us at mindeartheartcatch at mindeartheart dot org, or proceed to MusicWorks for information and purchase of a specialty microtonal font.